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February 19th, 2018
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DIGI-KEY updates common parts library for Kicad EDA tool.

UP MEDIA GROUP will hold workshops on controlling noise in PCBs featuring Rick Hartley this month in San Diego.

ELECTROLUBE offers 2k850 conformal coating.

UP MEDIA announces the final call for abstracts for PCB West 2018, to be held Sept. 11 - 13, 2018, in Santa Clara, CA.

The Basics of Manufacturing Printed Circuit Boards, Part II
The actual process of PCB fabrication can begin on receipt of the necessary documentation from the designer. These data include the choice of materials for the substrate and cladding, the number of layers and stackup, the mechanical layout, and the routing.

Akber Roy



SCANFIL reported fourth quarter revenue of EUR 144.4 million ($179.8 million), up 18.1% year-over-year.

KITRON posted fourth quarter revenue of NOK 668 million ($86 million), an increase of 17% year-over-year.

SOME HANDSET MAKERS have flagged confusion created over an India budget proposal to impose basic customs duty on assembly printed circuit boards only for chargers and not for the whole handset.

“MAHARASHTRA must get over this Foxconn thing,” state industry minister Subhash Desai said on Thursday, virtually ruling out the Foxconn investment plan.

SHIPMENTS OF CONSUMER ELECTRONICS DEVICES enabled with wireless charging rose 40% in 2017 to nearly 500 million, according to IHS Markit.

PRESIDENT TRUMP’S INFRASTRUCTURE PRINCIPLES will strengthen US workforce, said the head of the Consumer Technology Association.

TACTOTEK, a developer of injection molded structural electronics solutions, has closed $23 million in new funding.

K&F ELECTRONICS installed a MivaTek LDI.

Studying the Capability of Capability Studies — Part 2
In my December column I listed three items to watch out for when evaluating capability study results: Cp versus Pp, the distribution of data, and sample size. I hopefully cast some light on the differences between the two measures of capability, Cp and Pp.

John Borneman



From the pages of  PRINTED CIRCUIT DESIGN & FAB:
Is Electrical Current Particle Flow or Wave Phenomenon?
Some engineers claim electrical current is not the flow of electrons. They are wrong.
by Douglas Brooks, Ph.D.

From the pages of  CIRCUITS ASSEMBLY:
The Use of Particle Impact Dampers (PID) to Prevent Damage from Vibration
Lab tests show the addition of COTS parts significantly improves time to failure.
by Martin Hart and Ron Hunt


Feb. 22-23: PCB2Day featuring Rick Hartley, San Diego, CA
Feb. 27-Mar. 1: IPC Apex Expo, San Diego, CA
Apr. 23-25: Zuken Innovation World 2018, San Diego, CA
Apr. 24-26: Nepcon China 2018, Shanghai, China
Sept. 11-13: PCB West 2018, Santa Clara, CA





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           2/12/18 TREND
Sn $9.83 Down
Pb $1.17 Down
Ag $240.30 Down
Cu $3.11 Down
             Dec. TREND
Semi equip. billings 27.7% Up
ICs 22.5% Up
PCBs 1.15 Up
Computers 5.42 Down

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