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June 17th, 2019
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A Chinese-owned company is making circuit boards for the top-secret next-generation F-35 warplanes flown by Britain and the US.

EMA Design Automation will host a webinar on optimizing power supply design on Jun. 20.

This week on PCB Chat, Zach Dismukes of Bowman Analytics discusses XRF as a quality control tool.

AOI and SPI system supplier Brian D'Amico covers AOI and SPI best practices with Mike Konrad on PCB Chat.

Renesas has developed an AI accelerator that performs CNN (convolutional neural network) processing at high speeds and low power to move toward the next generation of Renesas embedded AI.

Making a List
The arrival of a new stock exchange for Silicon Valley tech companies raises the profile of the tech industry’s best and brightest (and perhaps notorious) even more – as if that were possible.

Mike Buetow



Insiders said i3 Electronics may have been on the market for a year or more before its sale last week to TTM Technologies.

Apple has made a big bet on Foxconn and China and can only move 5% to 7% of iPhone production to India in a best-case scenario over the next year,” an analyst told Fortune.

Join nearly 3,000 registrants for PCB West 2019, the printed circuit design and engineering conference and exhibition.

Zuken reported net revenues for its fiscal 2019 rose 13.6% to $247 million.

More than 20 billion Wi-Fi devices are forecasted to ship between 2019 and 2024, according to a new market data report from ABI Research.

Times Microwave Systems moved into a new 63,000 sq. ft. building in Mesa, AZ.

Nordson named Sundaram Nagarajan president and chief executive.

EMS Industry 2019: Sunny with a Chance of Showers
The flow of migrants from south of the border is choking supply-chain routes.

Susan Mucha



From the pages of
JPCA Show 2019 (Part 1)
The JPCA Show opened June 5 at Tokyo Big Sight.
by Dominique Numakura

From the pages of
Leadership Failure! What Will It Cost You?
Mediocre Mike was a card shark. He lived for the weekends. Mike couldn’t wait to hit the casinos. Every weekend and holiday sunrise, he was among the first to start tossing out his homespun version of “fish bait.”
by Keith Martino


June 25: Reliability of Circuits Assemblies Workshop, Melbourne, FL
June 25-27: 2019 Symposium on Counterfeit Parts and Materials, College Park, MD
July 9-11: Semicon West, San Francisco, CA
Sept. 9-12: PCB West, Santa Clara, CA
Sept. 22-26: SMTA International, Rosemont, IL
Oct. 9-10: Southern California Design-2-Part Show, Pasadena, CA
Nov. 12-15: Productronica, Munich, Germany
Feb. 4-6: IPC Apex Expo 2020, San Diego, CA


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           6/17/19 TREND
Sn $8.80 Up
Pb $0.87 Up
Ag $216.18 Down
Cu $2.66 Up
             Apr. TREND
Semi equip. billings -29% Down
ICs -14.6% Down
PCBs 1.02 Up
Computers/elec. products 5.38 Down

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