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June 24th, 2018
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DASSAULT SYSTÈMES AND UMASS LOWELL will collaborate on a new digital learning center designed to let engineering students get hands-on experience in designing and creating products for the Experience Economy.

REPLACING HUMANS who make iPhones with “Foxbots” is going more slowly than planned.

PCB WEST 2018, the annual PCB industry trade show and conference, will feature more than 15 free technical sessions.

UP MEDIA GROUP will hold a workshop on controlling noise in PCBs featuring Rick Hartley in Chicago in October.

RESEARCHERS have crafted an inexpensive electronics keyboard so tough, flexible and thin, it can be crumpled up and tucked in a pocket without damaging it.

Maximizing High-Speed Performance in Flex Boards
Can flex circuit boards run 10+Gb/s signals? Answer: Multiple factors must be juggled to successfully run signals that are 1Gb/s and above on flexible circuitry. I will address each of them individually.

Mark Finstad



PARK ELECTROCHEMICAL reported net sales of $31.1 for its fiscal first quarter ended May 27, up from $27.4 million a year ago.

METHODE’S fiscal fourth quarter sales increased 13.3% year-over-year to $29.3 million.

THE BRAZILIAN ELECTRONICS INDUSTRY has grown more pessimistic about sales for the year.

QISDA continues adjusting its business by expanding into medical care and speeding development of AI and IoT solutions, according to chairman and CEO Peter Chen.

FOXCONN’S CEO called China’s restrictions on overtime hours “unreasonable” and said they hurt his workers and the company’s competitiveness.

PILLARHOUSE USA appointed Z Tech Services to spearhead sales in Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska.

PROPHOTONIX named Byron Lubenkov North American sales engineer - Western Region.

Gold Peeling
Peelable masking has been used in the past to protect gold key pads during soldering or from solder spitting during reflow, which leads to solder wetting spots on some terminals.

Martin Wickham



From the pages of
Can Next-Gen Military Products Beat the Heat?
Thermal management is becoming a common limiting factor in newer technologies.
by James E. Faoro and Peter M. Carter

From the pages of
Revised Automotive Quality Standard Drives Lean Processes, Systems Linkage and Teamwork
EMS companies are moving beyond QS9000 and ISO/TS16949.
by Christine Foley



July 10-12: Semicon West, San Francisco, CA
July 23-25: SMT - BGA - BTC Design & Manufacturing, Hillsboro, OR
Sept. 5-7: Semicon Taiwan, Taipei, Taiwan
Sept. 11-13: PCB West, Santa Clara, CA
Sept. 12-13: Southern California Design-2-Part Show, Long Beach, CA
Sept. 25: EMC UK 2018 Training Conference, Birmingham, UK
Oct. 10-11: Southeast Design-2-Part Show, Raleigh, NC
Oct. 25-26: PCB2Day - Control of Noise, EMI and Signal Integrity in High Speed Circuits and PCBs, Chicago, IL
Dec. 13-15: Semicon Japan, Tokyo, Japan


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           6/18/18 TREND
Sn $9.56 Up
Pb $1.12 Down
Ag $246.89 Up
Cu $3.22 Down
             Apr. TREND
Semi equip. billings 26% Up
ICs 20.2% Flat
PCBs 1.08 Down
Computers 5.40 Down

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